Institute of Educational Sciences
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Prof.Dr. Müzeyyen Sevinç

Dean of the School of Graduate Studies in Educational Sciences

The mission of Institute of Educational Sciences is to maintain the best success in postgraduate studies related to teaching, by offering extensive and effective programmes. The Institute contributes to the University's graduate education in three major ways.  It offers M.A. in English Language Teaching, a M.A in Educational Leadership and Planning, and a PhD in English Language Teaching. 

The aim of the M.A. program in ELT is to provide professional training to English teachers who want a broad coverage of basic areas in English language teaching as teacher trainers. The program seeks to improve in-service language teachers' familiarity with current developments in foreign language education thorough understanding of current developments in the field.

The aim of the PhD program is to equip the candidates with advanced knowledge, and to help them acquire skills for research in the field of language teaching. A well-balanced emphasis on theory and research is maintained throughout the program. The graduates of this program will engage in helping with the development of the pre-service as well as in-service teachers in the field. 

The aim of the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Planning is to help individuals who would like to work as principals in secondary schools as well as educational specialists in departments of lifelong education and human resources of governmental and non-govermental institutions. Through the program, the educators will become acquainted with educational system and will become familiar with the impact of education on the economic and social development of the country.