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Master Degree

The Institute of Social Sciences is currently offering thirty three Graduate Programs, twenty five in Masters degree in various fields in social sciences and eight Doctorate programs.

     Since its foundation in 1996, the Institute has remarkably progressed in many respects. It experienced significant growth in terms of the faculty as well as the student body. Many of the programs have become the leader in their fields and attract hundreds of students. The fact that its programs are contemporary and flexible appeals to the student expectations.
     Another competitive dimension of our education is that it recognizes the importance of building a bridge between the real world and the classroom education. Our teaching faculty includes well-known academic scholars as well as many successful people in their professions with latest teaching materials and cases.
     Our programs offer hundreds of different courses every semester. Many of the courses are custom designed according to the contemporary needs of the academic as well as the business world.  Our class hours are convenient to the employed students. And our students are highly motivated with the innovative curriculum which genuinely reflects up to date academic and business environment.
     Our Doctorate programs in is based on solid academic foundations. In addition to our excellent research-oriented faculty, it invites and accommodates many visiting scholars to support the program. The programs have adopted the structure and curriculum of  well-known world universities and follow the latest research readings in the field.

     Our courses not only reflect the most recent scientific knowledge in their  fields, but also promote the skills of innovative thinking, decision-making and creativity. Students gain a more proficient ability to articulate and compose, while improving their comprehension and awareness of the changes in the global environment.
     Our institute has eight Doctorate programs. Our objective is to be the best graduate school with the top research capacity in Turkey and abroad.

     To accomplish this goal, we always  try to accomplish whatever is necessary.



Master Programs



Art Management

Betriebswirtschaftslehre (MBA)

Business Administration ( MBA)

Comparative Literature


Education Administration and Supervision

English Language and Literature

Financial Economics

Graphic Design

Health Communications Management (MBA)


Integrated Marketing Communications Management (MBA)

International Trade and Logistics (MBA)


Knowledge and Innovation Management (MBA)


Management Information Systems (MBA)


Plastic Arts

Political Science and International Relations

Public Relations

Radio TV and Cinema

Social Media Management (MBA)

Visual Communication Design



Doctorate Programs


Business Administration


Financial Economics


Media Studies


Political Science and International Relations