Attention! Improper Nutrition Paves the Way to Kidney Failure

Noting that the kidney failure disease, a disease that hardly shows symptoms, is becoming more and more common, Internal Diseases and Nephrology Specialist Prof. Gülçin Kantarcı, MD. said that diabetes and hypertension, which develop depending on the diet, cause kidney failure. “We are the first in the world in the rate of increase in diabetes in our country. Lots of people are overweight at the obese level. This paves the way for kidney disease, diabetes and hypertension. Before reaching the stage of kidney failure, diabetic and hypertensive patients or people with a predisposition to kidney disease should be the priority to protect kidney health. It is necessary to consume fresh food and reduce salt consumption. In addition, unconscious vitamin consumption should be stopped”.

Noting that 1 in every 10 people in the world and 1 out of every 7 people in Turkey is diagnosed with kidney failure, Yeditepe University Hospitals Internal Diseases and Nephrology Specialist Professor Gülçin Kantarcı, MD. stated that the gradually increasing obesity and diseases such as diabetes and hypertension also cause kidney failure. Providing nutritional advice to patients before and after dialysis, Prof. Dr. Kantarcı underlined the need to be sensitive about kidney failure.

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