Brain Battery Connecting Parkinson's Patients to Life

The choice of the right treatment for the right patient in the Parkinson's treatment, which continues to be a serious problem especially for elderly people, affects the success of the result. Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. A. Hilmi Kaya said that brain pacemaker therapy connects patients to life again, especially in advanced stage cases who do not benefit from drug therapy.

Communication between cells in the brain is provided by a number of substances. Parkinson’s develops as a result of the disruption of the cells that produce dopamine, which is also responsible for the control and harmony of our movements. Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. A. Hilmi Kaya said that this problem, which usually occurs after the 60's, can be seen earlier, especially due to genetic factors. Explaining that complaints such as movement disorder, tremor, body stiffness, walking with slow steps, differentiation in facial expression, forgetfulness are among the symptoms of the disease, Prof. Dr. Kaya pointed out the importance of timely and accurate diagnosis.

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