Cancer Susceptibility Can Be Determined With This Test

Stating that 5 to 10 percent of cancer is caused by "familial inheritance", Medical Genetics Specialist Assoc. Prof. Ayşegül Kuşkucu, MD. stated that it is possible to investigate the susceptibility of these people to cancer. Reminding that breast and colon cancers, which are common cancers today, can also show genetic transition, Assoc. Prof. Kuşkucu, MD. said that the risks of each family are different from each other, and thus the suggestions presented have changed accordingly.

Pointing out that cancer is a genetic disease, Yeditepe University Genetic Diagnosis CenterMedical Genetics Specialist Assoc. Prof. Ayşegül Kuşkucu provided crucial information before the 4th of February, World Cancer Day. She said that cancer occurs as a result of changes in the genes inside the cell for reasons that are not known clearly and therefore it is defined as a genetic disease. “Although cancer is defined as a genetic disease, very few of them develop in the form of familial inheritance. It is possible to pre-screen this group. It is possible to investigate cancer susceptibility for this familial group, which accounts for 5 to 10 percent of all cancers. Of course, it is possible for a person to find out whether the cancers in his family are inherited or not and to determine the predisposition to have a genetic examination for them. "

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