The Cause of Abdominal Pain Has Not Been Found for Years... Varicose Veins Appeared in Her Ovary

Funda Sahillioğlu, 48, living in Istanbul, has suffered severe abdominal pain and distention for seven years. The actual disease of Sahillioğlu, who had been treated for years on the grounds of ovarian cyst, was revealed three months ago. It was determined that Sahillioğlu, the mother of 2 children, had varicose veins in her ovaries but had not been noticed for a long time and she has regained her health with a one-day long operation. The disease, seen in women between the ages of 20-50, is defined as “hidden disease” by experts.

Funda Sahillioğlu, Personal Development Specialist, living in Istanbul, consulted a gynaecologist seven years ago due to severe pain in her lower abdomen. The doctor administered the treatment, saying it could be an ovarian cyst. The pain of the young woman, the mother of 2 children, did not respond to the treatment. Sahillioğlu, who had been experiencing abdominal pain and distention for years, was diagnosed with uterine and ovarian varicose veins (pelvic venous congestion syndrome) in ultrasound and medicated computed tomography performed three months ago at Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital.

Treated With The Process of “Enlarged Veins Embolization”

Under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr Melih Topcuoğlu, Interventional Radiology Specialist, Sahillioğlu, who had suffered for years from the disease caused by the enlargement of the veins in her lower abdomen and groin, was treated with an endovascular embolization process by entering through a pinhole opening in veins in the neck and accessing the ovarian and uterine veins that have become varicose veins. Sahillioğlu, who regained his health with embolization of enlarged veins that caused pain, said that she felt as if she was reborn.

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