Coronavirus Also Increased Migraine Attacks

Yeditepe University Hospital, Neurologist Assistant Professor Halide Rengin Bilgen Akdeniz explained that migraine attacks became frequent during the pandemic period and therefore uses increased.  

Close to Migraines, Anxiety, And Depression

Assistant Professor Halide Rengin Bilgen Akdeniz underlines that migraines are closely related to anxiety and depression. Assistant Professor Halide Rengin Bilgen Akdeniz continued her words: “During the pandemic, the constant state of fear, anxiety and eventually depression brings with it. During this time the person enters a period of malaise, displeasure, and morality. In this case, the increase in the incidence and severity of migraine headaches leads to poor quality of daily life, as well as school or work life. Unfortunately, less than five percent of migraineurs see a specialist for management of their pain.

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