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Mar 06

“Spring Meetings in Design 2017” seminar and workshop activities of the Faculty of Communication Visual Communication and Design Department are starting on 06stMarch 2017.


Dec 22

A Conference by 

Prof. Dr. Tufan Gündüz

Dec 20


With Collaboration of Kargem and Yeditepe University

Retail-Specific Certificate Programs

Dec 17

Open to the participation of all students and alumni. Certificate of participation will be presented.

Please use the link to register (obligatory)

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Dec 15

What is Digital Conversion?

How can individuals, institutions, and buildings be adapted to the new world?


How does Digital Conversion that cannot be explained only by social media and web site activities affect business models, automation, organization and management models?

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Dec 02

2 Aralık 2016, Cuma               

Açılış :10.00