Fall 2017 Applications Have Starded for Erasmus Plus and Exchange Programs

Dates of application: 20.10.2016 – 01.12.2016

Dates of the language examinations:  

English:  22.12.2016 Thursday at 09:15   (09:00'da Please be present at İnan Kıraç Hall at rectorate Building))

Spanish : 21.12.2016 / Wednesday at 10:00 (Please ask and learn about the exam hall from School of Forei,gn Languages)

German : 20.12.2016 / Tuesday at 09:30 (Please ask and learn about the exam hall from School of Forei,gn Languages)

French: 19.12.2016 / Monday at 11:00 (Law Building, room: Z-10)


The student has to take the examination in the same language of the country to be studied in. The languages you choose during the application should be the languages that you will be tested from. The results of the language examinations will be announced on our website, following the submission of results from all languages.

*Oral exam:  There will be an oral interview after the announcement of the written exams. The interview will be conducted and its time will be announced by department coordinators.

Application form can be obtained from the website of International Office (Outgoing).
Please fill in the forms electronically and then print out the document.

(Application forms should be submitted together with other necessary documents to the Erasmus/Exchange Coordinator of the relevant department until the deadline 01.12.2016).


You are expected to submit the print out of your application form to the Erasmus/Exchange Coordinator of your department together with 1 picture of you, photocopy of your ID card, and your academic record transcript.


Necessary conditions to apply:

1. Completing at least 1 academic term at Yeditepe Universtity.
2. Undergraduate students: CGPA  - Erasmus+ and Exchange  - minimum 2.20
3.  Master and PhD. students: CGPA – Erasmus+ and Exchange  – minimum 2.50
4. Being a full time student
5. Having enough ECTS credit load for education mobility.
6. Scoring at least 60 over 100 at the language proficiency exams and passing the oral exam successfully.(The language of the exam should be selected depending on the language of the education to be received abroad.)
7. Being eligible to apply for the target university.
8. Having a Yeditepe email account.
9. Grants varying among countries are announced at the Office boards. The student may disclaim the grant at their own will.


Documents to be given to the DEPARTMENT COORDINATOR :

1. Application form
2. 1 picture of you (Glued on the application form )
3. Transcript ( this document doesn’t have to be original )
4. Photocopy of the ID for Turkish citizens; photocopy of the passport for the other students.



1.Academic success:  50% CGPA
2.Language proficiency:  50%
3. -10 points for each previous Erasmus (Internship-Education) activity
4. +10 points for students with disabilities (should be proven with documents)
5. +10 points for the children of martyrs and veterans  
6.  -10 points for joining mobility at the country of citizenship


ATTENTION: You may see the list of partner Universities and their quotas by visiting the Webpage of the International Office under the heading of “List of Agreements”, and receive detailed information from department coordinators.  It is important to be informed about the target school before application.