Generations With SMA Can Be Broken With Victimization Screening Tests

Diagnostic testing of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) patients has been performed for years. Underlining the fact that the pediatrician should make a pre-diagnosis of SMA in the baby for this test to be conducted, Medical Genetics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ayşegül Kuşkucu said, “SMA is suspected if there are findings such as muscle weakness, inactivity and looseness in the baby. After the pre-diagnosis, the mutation in the SMN (Survival Motor Neuron) gene that causes SMA disease is referred to medical geneticists for examination. However, if couples are screened with the SMA test before they have a baby and it is determined that they are carriers, it is possible for them to have healthy children with the methods and tests they will plan together by medical geneticists".

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