Genetic Factors Can Increase Eye Pressure Risk 7-Fold

Glaucoma, or colloquially known as eye pressure, is one of the eye diseases that progress insidiously. Eye Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Belkıs Ilgaz Yalvaç  warned that glaucoma, which can lead to vision loss if left untreated, may increase by 7 times if it occurs in a close family member.

Glaucoma, which can cause irreversible vision loss, affects 6 million people worldwide, of whom about 70 million have complete vision loss. In open-angle glaucoma, which is the most common type of glaucoma, the presence of first-degree relatives such as mother, father and siblings with glaucoma increases the risk of the disease in family members 7 times. Pointing out that glaucoma is generally known as a disease of advanced age, it can actually occur in young people, even in newborn babies and children, Ophthalmology Specialist Prof. Dr. Belkıs Ilgaz Yalvaç said that congenital glaucoma, which is seen especially in the first 3 years after birth, is more common in babies born from consanguineous marriages.

In addition to genetic factors, other factors such as diabetes, blood pressure, migraine, hypothyroidism, eye injuries and anemia (anemia) are among the risk factors that increase the possibility of glaucoma. Yeditepe University Hospitals Eye Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Belkıs Ilgaz Yalvaç said, "In addition, myopia or hypermetropia of the eye are other factors that increase the risk of developing glaucoma."

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