Goal in Heart Diseases; To reduce the loss of life by at least 25 percent by 2025

Heart diseases, one of the most important causes of loss of life in the modern world, continue to draw attention. Reminding that the World Health Organization (WHO) has set 2025 targets for the world in order to increase public awareness on the subject and reduce the figures, Cardiology Specialist Dr. Çiğdem Koca said that with these goals, it is foreseen to reduce the loss of life due to heart diseases by at least 25 percent.

Many institutions around the world continue their efforts to reduce the loss of life related to heart diseases and to raise awareness. Yeditepe University Hospitals Cardiology Specialist Dr. Çiğdem Koca explained the 7-step rule to prevent heart diseases, recommended by the American Society of Cardiology, one of the most important institutions focused on cardiological problems.

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