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Meeting date: Friday, November 12 | 14.30 – 15.30

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Reaxys is a highly intuitive and robust database that helps researchers cut in half the time they spend searching for relevant chemistry literature, valid compound properties and experimental procedures.

Designed to support all chemistry research, including drug development, environmental health and safety studies, and materials science, Reaxys is the shortest path to answers for scientists, from the most inexperienced to the most experienced.

• Ability to scan by drawing with Marvin JS and ChemDraw JS, and transfer your local files to Reaxys

• Ability to create complex research queries with Query Builder

• Reaxys specific index terms as well as EMTREE pharmacological and medical terms available from the biomedical database Embase (These index terms are unique to Elsevier)

• Access link to patents from 105 patent offices and 170 IPC classes, English translation of claims and abstracts of patents in non-English language

• Quick access to many critical information, including the experimental procedure, from articles and documents that are not accessible to you. 

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