ISTEK Foundation honorary President Bedrettin Dalan will deliver a specch titled ‘Turkish Civilisation’ in the course Humanities ‘HUM 103’ on 20 October 2015. The course will be delivered at İnan Kıraç Conference Hall at 16.00.
2. Palliative Care Symposium​ 2. Palliative Care Symposium hosted by Yeditepe University was organised by Yeditepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing between 16-15 October 2015 with 305 participants and 20 speakers.Turkey Public Hospitals Instutition and Association of İstanbul Anatolia North and South Public Hospitals General Secretary participated in the symposium as the session leader. Nursing Care must be arranged according to the priority of the patient This year Students have also shown great interest in the symposium which was also attended...
‘Life in Space and Science’ from Astronaut Prof. Albert Sacco Jr. Scientist and Prof. Alber Sacco, Jr., who has been collaborating with  Prof. Dr. Nurcan Baç, Yeditepe University Rector in different projects and experiments since 1989 University met students at Yeditepe. Yeditepe University hosted the scientist and Astronaut Prof Alberto Sacco Jr. who has a special bond with Turkey. In addition to academicians and university students, students from different high schools in İstanbul listened to Prof. Sacco who gave a conference on ‘Living and doing Science in the Space’. In...
Financial Planning Practices in the World and in Turkey, 21 October, Üzeyir Garih Conference Hall  
Top scoring students at the University placement were given their awards with a ceremony
2nd International Congress on Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies 15-18 October 2015 Antalya WORLD’S LEADING STEM CELL EXPERTS MEET IN ANTALYA. Second International Congress on Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies organised by Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies Foundation is being held  in Antalya between 15-18 October. The Congress which is held under the co-presidency of Prof.Dr. Fikrettin Şahin, Head of the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering from Yeditepe University shall bring the pioneers of stem cell researh together from the world and Turkey and sessions will focus...
1. HIV/AIDS Workshop – KLIMUD Clinical Virology Working Group
2.Palliative Care Symposium at GSF Conference Hall on 15-16 October
Peace at Home, Peace in the World

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Peace at Home, Peace in the World   Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Famous Chef, TV presenter and restaurants owner Mac Murphy who is  invited by the Embassy of the United States to our country for the purposes of Public  Diplomacy visited Yeditepe University, Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts with Adrienne Bory, the cultural attache  of the Consulate General of the United States. Chef Murphy taught our students how to cook leek risotto with a special technique by giving them a demonstration during his visit. Students showed him how to prepere stuffed vine leaves to introduce Turkish cuisine culture. Chef Murphy who later...