The Process Leading to Kidney Failure in Young People Proceeds Insidiously

Kidney failure, which is the last stage of chronic kidney disease, is an important problem especially in our country where kidney diseases are common. Reminding that there are many factors from diabetes to rheumatological diseases in the emergence of the disease, Internal Medicine and Nephrology Specialist said that with the diagnosis at an early stage, it can be treated to a significant extent.

Drawing attention to the increasing prevalence of difficult symptomatic kidney failure disease, Internal Diseases and Nephrology Specialist said that nephritis, kidney and urinary tract stones that directly affect the kidneys, and kidney and urinary tract stones can also lead to kidney failure. Stating that due to late diagnosis, the disease is prone to progress due to its nature, Specialist said, “In addition to the structural disorders of the kidney, diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, rheumatological diseases, infections, congenital and genetic syndromes can cause kidney failure by affecting many organs and systems as well as the kidney. Considering that these problems are quite common in our country and their prevalence is increasing, we can say that the importance of chronic kidney failure is increasing.”

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