She Didn't Have an Endoscopy Because Was Scared, But 2 Years Later Found Out She Had Stomach Cancer.

Fatime Sağlam had a stomach ache two years ago. When the symptoms were getting worse, she went to the hospital. After the examinations, Fatime was first given drug treatment and then an endoscopy was recommended. However, she did not because she was afraid of the procedure. She took her medication for 2 years, but had stomach pain and burn again at the end of that time. Fatime, who applied to Yeditepe University Hospital this time, was convinced for an endoscopy. After the investigation, a tumor was found in Fatime.

Laparoscopic gastric cancer surgery was performed and the tumor was removed succesfully by Yeditepe University Hospital General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Cüneyt Kayaalp. The doctor “If you are over 50 years old, I recommend that you do an endoscopy regularly, for control purposes, even if you have no symptoms" warned.

Fatime, who reported living with stomach problems since 2 years “After the endoscopy the reason of my complaints founded. I advise people with such problems not to be afraid of the endoscopy. I had endoscopy twice, I recommend everyone to undergo regular endoscopy“ said.

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